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SENEX Mentoring & Talentmanagement

is an international sports business company. it was founded in 2019.  

SENEX – mentoring & sportsmanagement, assists football players with professional services. 

on the way to an international career, players will be monitored closely and cared for at every step by our consultants and competent administrative team. 

the discovery and promotion of young talent is also one of the main goals of the company. we offer careful career planning, with a family atmosphere.

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it!” 
― Muhammad Ali


A professional athlete needs competent and effective consulting, as well as professional support right from the start of his career.

For this reason, we offer a wide range of in-house support services and provide assistance where required. 


With 22 years of experience in sports, SENEX specializes in maximizing the potential of our talents.

our distinction to other agencies is that we work transparently with our team and our players, we steadily try to improve our services (trainingplans, performance tests), and work together closely to build assets for the career after the sports career.

Ilhan Sari is and was the inspiration to start the player agency. SENEX will continuously grow into a global operation trying to keep the spirit of personal attention and commitment to our players alive, and to encourage the development of an international professional sports company.


➢ Legal and Tax Counseling 

➢ Capital accumulation and Investment Plans

➢ Coaching


Today it is enough anymore for professional athletes to be good at one special discipline. Because of the strong desire of the public and the media for more information about the athlete, professional athletes become more and more of glass person.


Athletes have to adjust to the expectations of the society and the public. Develop personal strengths and improve their skills – this is the approach of our professional coaching methods. Concentration, self-discipline, language skills have a positive impact on the athletes work in training as well as in competition. 


With our experienced coaches our players will have personal success.


• strengths and priorities

• success strategies, media training

• creating media literacy

• Interview techniques, rhetoric, body language



➢ Professional players‘ agents, contract negotiation and scouting


Athletes are looking for the opportunity to grow. Everything is directed towards the future and a sustainable career. Therfore planning is not just for professional athletes of particular importance. Even young talents face the challenge to take the first steps into the right direction to find their way up the ranks and to avoid dead ends and pitfalls.


Our Agency Modell helps to meet these unique challenges!


The analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses of each athlete; the potential to obtain optimal positions and to grow beyond – that is what we are looking for while creating the perfect mix.


Win-win is the principle of cooperation and our number one goal. 


Athlete and club in successful unity is always worth more than the anything else.



➢ Marketing Management (Marketing & PR) consultancy and success


Professional athletes are media personalities nowadays. The public witnesses every step – from the early start to the careers end.  Here we are constantly developing new marketing and management concepts. The communication in traditional and new media is complex, challenging and above all faster.


Athletes must be flexible and efficiently adapt to the new requirements. The structures, the organization and economic orientations are in constant change. Even in the non-profit sector entrepreneurial skills, strong management skills and intensive public relations have become key elements for success.


We support you in these exciting times and help you to minimize risk and seize opportunities. We offer a wide range of marketing and sales consultant for players and teams.



➢ Sponsorship management


Sport is worth promoting. Sport is deeply embedded in our society, as a means of communication, as a way to keep physically fit and as an instrument to express enthusiasm. 


In addition to the support of the public and the use of individuals, sponsorship plays an important role.


Sponsorship has experienced an extreme professionalization in recent decades. 


The triangular relationship between the player and club, the sponsor and the public must be carefully constructed and maintained.


It must be balanced to meet the specific needs of all. If these requirements are met, everyone benefits. This is where we come in!


We will find the right sponsor for individual players. We analyze the requirements and develop concepts for a targeted sponsorship mix. We take into account the short, medium and long-term economic interests of both sides.


This is not all. A sponsorship agreement is only as good as its implementation and cooperation between the sponsor and player. Our consulting services include project planning, monitoring and quality control measures – e.g. a holistic sponsorship management.



➢ Individual Training / Health Check / Physiotherapy




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